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Dressage Times

The dressage times are available to be downloaded at

posted 10-6-16


Stabling assignments are complete and you can view the stall chart here (pdf format).

Silver Possibility Prizes

This year, once again, one of our prizes will be a beautiful Dale Chavez custom saddle, breast collar and bridle. Don't forget to purchase your Silver Possibility tickets when you are in Hospitality! The saddle is pictured below.

posted 9-13-16

Western Dressage Qualifying Clarification

No qualification is required for Level 2 and Level 3. Intro Level, Basic Level and Level 1 horse/rider combination must qualify for Western Dressage by being shown at a qualifying show in a test at that level in Western Dressage. A qualifying show is further clarified in the following manner:

1. A USEF-recognized show
2. A show that is registered with WDAA for lifetime points.  (WDAA has approved the judge)  
3. A show that if officiated by any USEF licensed dressage or western dressage judge
4. 2016 WDAA world show Sept 29-Oct 2 at Lazy E Arena

posted 8-15-16


Grand National has verbal agreements with all of the following judges:

ENGLISH/CLASSIC/PARK: Richard Harris, Rodney Hicks, Conky Price, Scott Thacker
HUNTER/WESTERN: John Bennett, Chris Bickford, Larry Thurber, Garn Walker
SADDLE SEAT EQUITATION:  Michael Craghead, Lynda Freseth, Liz McBride, Suzy Shiflet
HUNTER SEAT EQUITATION:  Sarah Booker, Charles Mangan, Jim Porcher, Kathryn Schwartz
WESTERN SEAT EQUITATION:  Michael Craghead, Charles Mangan, Jim Porcher, Kathryn Schwartz
CARRIAGE:  Terry Pickett
TRAIL/REINING:  Julie Addante
DRESSAGE: Dorie Vlatten-Schmitz, Carol Bishop

posted 12.14.15

For more information on this exceptional animal, check out the breed’s website at